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Рондские горы. Один из самых популярных туристских районов в Норвегии. В 1962 году был создан первый в стране Национальный парк. 10 вершин здесь возвышаются более чем на 2000 метров, тем не менее вполне доступны без специальной подготовки.

Norways first National park

One of the most popular mountain areas of this country, surrounding and encompassing the impressive Rondane mountains, was made a national park in 1962 - an area, 600 million years of age, which once rose from a lifeless sea. An area where foldings of the crust of the earth, glacial epochs and erosions have left mighty and dramatic, while at the same time rounded and, in fact, rather friendly forms. Through thousands of years this alpine area has provided the hunters with a living - hunters which, with their comprehensive layouts for catching reindeer, and with their graves, have marked the mountains forever with their tracks.

With the development of mountain haiking, Rondane became one of Norwayis most popular recreation areas. An impressive landscape, yet easy terrain for walking. Of 10 Rondane peaks ranging above 2000 meters, all may be climbed by people in ordinary good shape. Good starting points for hiking are the many outstanding hotels and lodges at the main entrances to the national park, Høvringen and Mysuseter.

Within the park are som of the best lodges of the Norwegian Tourist Association; Rondvassbu, Bjørnhollia and Grimsdalshytta. Dørålseter is privately owned. These are informal places where you may make new acquaintances, eat well and relax after a strenuous day. Between lodges, and to the peaks, paths marked by red Tis show the way. To preserve this hitherto unspoiled landscape, enginedriven vehicles are banned as well as all kinds of developement. You too, should be considerate.

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В.Фомин. "Жители Рондских скал"
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Approaching the Rondvasshøgdi range
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Vinjeronden and Rondslottet seen from the slopes of Storronden
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Rondslottet seen from Vinjeronden

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